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#33 Musings

Finally, writing this from my mine setup. Got everything up and running and everything seems to be working.

CPU idle temps are a bit higher (60c) than usual but not hitting dangerous levels. I'll keep an eye out to make sure that it doesn't creep up over time.

All my monitors seemed to have made the trip with little no damage but certainly no damage on the actual panels. Considering I was lazy during the move and didn't take them off the mount but rather kept them on the arms. I am happy that it all worked out. Fingers crossed my partners screens also survived the journey, though nothing makes me think otherwise.

We have emptied 75 percent of the boxes and now only have 10 or so to go. Thankfully it all seems to be fitting so that is definitely a postive. Have had to come up with some innovative and creative ways to utilise the smaller space but I think we'll cope. It will certainly give us a good feel as to exactly how much space we need to be happy.

Finally can get back to coding and start learning again. Having my set up back definitely makes me realise how much I rely on it to feel like I am being productive.

Till next time,


#32 Musings

Finally the old apartment is completely finished. We were supposed to do the cleaning ourselves but considering how long it took to clean one of the bathrooms was 2 hours. We decided that we would get it professionally cleaned. Considering that it took 2 professionals 9 hours to clean the apartment, I shudder to think exactly how long it would've taken us. They did a wonderful job. It's in a better condition then when they handed it to us.

Just have to settle into our new place. Still boxes everywhere. The office still isn't set up either which is annoying me but nothing I can do about until I've got a few spare hours and less fatigue in the muscles.

All the boxes have to be empty for the pickup that is booked in for friday in a week. I don't think that will be a problem but who knows.

Till next time,


#31 Musings

Finally the old apartment is empty. Only have somethings in the storage cage for my parents to come by and pick up. Was supposed to clean the apartment today but after it taking 2 hours to clean a single bathroom and my partner still having shoulder issues due to her dislocation, it was decided we get the professionals in. Only going to cost a few hundred dollars and they guarantee the bond back. Well worth it considering the effort it took to clean the bathroom to a high standard.

Now its just about actually putting all the stuff away at the new place. My office still isn't set up which is annoying but hopefully on Sunday I can get it all up and running.

Onto football things and as usual Australian teams have done terribly. Sydney FC played well in parts but certainly missed that clinical edge. Like with all A-League teams though we are not in-season and that definitely shows in terms of sharpness and fatigue levels.

What else is there to right, just another disappointing ACL season. Fingers crossed that doesn't translate to a poor A-League showing. At least the players will be home for the holiday period before the start of the season.

Till next time,


#30 Musings

Read an article served to me by Google from a random comic book blog site. Non-professional, so not a major publication.

It was about Deadpool 3 and the fact that the original writers were not going to be working on the project anymore. In fact it would be relative unknowns the Molyneux sisters best known for Bob's Burgers. The writer was bemoaning "politically-correct" hollywood and that these were obviously "diversity hires". That Marvel/Disney via Kevin Feige were not choosing the best writers for the project but rather trying to get more women on board.

In case it wasn't clear I vehemently disagree with this sentiment. To suggest that the only reason the Molyneux sisters were hired was because they are women is ridiculous. Did it factor into the decision-making process, I'm sure. Could it have tipped them over the edge, why not. The sisters have been on the Bob's Burgers show for nine years and so really must be doing something right. It could very well be that Disney/Marvel want to move in a lower than R rating direction and so the dropping of the original writing would make sense. Maybe they are cheaper, maybe they are more amenable to direction from the studio. That this writer was suggesting the only reason why this writers were chosen is because of the lack of external genitalia is a ridiculous one.

You can, of course, dislike the fact that the original writing team isn't going to be there, but come on, give it a chance before writing it off.

I think there does need to be more female writers in Hollywood. More diverse groups of people who create the content to our favourite tv shows, movies and more. Lived experience is such a powerful tool and being able to enthusiastically, and authentically showcase the wide array of stories that exist in this world is a positive for everyone.

Till next time,


#29 Musings

So I just found out that there is a new Tremors franchise movie out. Now I won't say that they are a good set of films but they are fun. Tremors: Shrieker Island direct to VOD in 2020 is the 7th movie in a franchise that stretches back all they way to the first film in 1990 that stars a young Kevin Bacon.

The Tremors films got more B-grade as the years wore on but I have to say Shrieker Island is a return to form. The effects aren't bad for a direct-to-VOD movie. Now this isn't a COVID-19 direct to streaming because of no theaters just to clarify any ambiguities.

Now, don't expect an Oscar winner but the characters are good. Burt Gummer played by Michael Gross (for 30 years in every Tremors film and tv show), is excellent as always. Richard Brake seems to be having fun as the maniacal evil bio-tech mogul.

All in all a good old fun movie. Completely predictable, no thought required fun.

Till next time,


#28 Musings

So I've been exploring some of the movies of the last 40 years. Some are really good, some are mediocre and some are just downright terrible.

I could've sworn I had watched Ballistic: Ecks v Sever but obviously not. I would remember this dumpster fire of a movie. Now obviously the movie has some big name actors like Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu, Gregg Henry and Ray Park to name a few. They can obvioulsy act, so maybe its a script or direction issue. Considering the thin plot and non-existent character development, I'd wager it's a bit of both.

I know Ray Park can fight, so that fight scene with Lucy Liu's Sever is just down right wrong. Not sure whether its the filming, post-production or camera work. Who knows, just something else in a long line of things that this movie gets wrong.

This film came out the same year as Equilibrium which is a massively good high-concept sci-fi film.

Got the majority of the heavy stuff moved into the new place. Have got my server and networks back up and running. So essentially the homelab is online again. Quite a seamless transition. Especially, because i've used the same internet provider. No change in IP.

Should be straight forward to get my rig back up as well. Just have to decide how to set up my office space.

#27 Musings

Getting there with the move. We don't have a lot of stuff but it is fiddly. At least we have hired movers to get all the big stuff (couch, fridge, dining room table), so t onhat at least helps to alleviate some of the effort.

It's a weird feeling to be without my tech. My homelab is extensive. I run Unraid with 26TBs of storage, 15 Dockers and 3 VMs. I also have a pfSense firewall that helps secure and connect me with my web servers on DigitalOcean and Linode. Fingers crossed everything boots up when I set it up again haha.

Currently sitting (writing this on my phone) and watching Netflix rather than using my four monitor setup to maximise my time. It's an interesting experience to be without it.

I am with NBN and purchase my internet through Launtel. Love the way they run their business. Daily charges, easy to change speeds, a feed trial period. Amazing. I'd highly recommend them.

Till next time,


#26 Musings

Looking at upgrading our tv. Currently have a 4 year old 55inch 4k Sony tv and a 45 inch Full HD Sony in the bedroom. The bedroom TV is starting to show its age. Would prefer to make my own choice rather than being forced into one.

Looks like LG oled C series is too of the pile. The CX looks like quite the tv. I do think that even though the LG CX doesn't go as bright as the Samsung Q90, becuase of the ability of the OLED to really turn off those pixels means that percieved contrast ratio is massive. Am definitely going to go with a 65inch this time. The extra screen real estate will really come in handy. The fact that our new place doesn't suffer from the kind of glare situation that our current place does makes it an easier choice.

A convenient time to purchase, a lot of Australian retailers are going for the black friday sale phenomena from the states. I doubt the latest tv's will be that discounted but who knows.

Since I use a NVIDIA Shield makes the exact OS of the tv not as relevant but WebOS does seem nice.

Till next time,


#25 Musings

Apartment Update
So there is electricity, gas and hot water in the apartment. Now, I assume that's because it's an embedded network and so everything is connected at all times. Apparently, a single company does both gas and electricity. Eh its running in the apartment so I'm in no rush.

Started to move our stuff in. Going to take some getting used to but I think its going to be a better apartment. No gym but I'll have to sort something out.

In my Linux transition I am using Pop_OS! with a gnome desktop. I do like the look of KDE Plasma though. Might make the change and see what its like. Definitely for after I have moved my home lab to the new apartment though.

In upsetting news it looks like there is global shortages of the Xbox Series X until well into 2021. My partner offered to purchase one for me in pre-order but I said lets wait until christmas, I've got a series one that is still working with no issues. Unfortunate but not serious.

The Premier League is back tonight after the international break, good to have it back after a weird Nations Cup and friendlies. Not sure whether those should have played considering the state of the pandemic in England and mainland europe. There are those who would argue that domestic football shouldn't be running either and I wouldn't necessarily argue against it. Having said that I think the games that you have to travel internationally for like friendlies and Nations Cup are way more dangerous then domestic games.

Till next time,


#24 Musings

The apartment saga is still ongoing but at least I now have internet connected, with the same provider I am now on. Excellent that at least whatever happens over the next 12 months, I'll have fast internet. Still no gas or electricity, the problem is that the company that is supposed to run the embedded network says they don't. No other gas or electricity company can either though. We shall see, it's with the building management company. So hopefully they can back to use so we can have hot showers when we move in.

My move to Pop_OS! as my daily driver is going well. No real major problems though I still haven't solved my screenshotting issues. I am running a Windows VM and so have shareX installed on that. Can always just use the VM for any major things I need to manage.

Finally got Nativefier to work, and it works really well. Super impressed with it, if you didn't know that they were websites wrapped in Electron you wouldn't know.

Look at this image and unfortunately for some reason it is not allowing me to insert it but it is available at the following link.

Just flawless really. Haven't had any performance issues so far but I'll keep an eye on it over time. Obviously streaming websites such as Netflix etc do not work as they have specific modules that they require to enable a stream.

Till next time,


#23 Musings

Took my partner to the new place, and she thankfully likes it.

Measured everything and it all seems to be able to fit.

Now to start packing. Joy itself /s.

I am now now using Linux Pop_OS! as my daily driver. I do have a Windows VM running on Unraid for those times I do need a Windows environment. Mainly Newton Mail and really haven't found a good enough screenshotting application on Linux.

I have tried Flameshot, Screencloud, built-in Gnome tool, and Spectacle. None of them have that killer feature (or at least I couldn't get it to work) where it automatically gets uploaded to a service of your choice and the resulting share URL gets copied to the clipboard for later use.

Spectacle seems the closest. Seems to under actice-development, as at least the stated ability to upload directly to a Nextcloud instance. Unfortunately, I just cannot for the life of me actually get it up and running.

Notwithstanding those critical issues, Pop_OS! 20.10 seems to have major issues with the taking a screenshot of a specific region. My multi monitor setup just starts blinking away between pure black and of course mangeled desktops.

I think the one of the reasons why I like using Linux is that it takes work. Sometimes you need to be creative in working towards a goal. Unlike both Windows and MacOS which for the post part just work.

The question then becomes am I happy to have to tinker to get stuff exactly how I want it or am I happy to get by with what Microsoft and Apple think I should?

We shall see, till the next one.


#22 Musings

Just starting to get all the components for the move next week up and running.

  • booked removalists
  • ordered boxes
  • changed insurance address

Having issues with gas, water electricity and internet connection but hopefully the building manager is going to get back to me with exact details. Having everything connected before the move wilo make everything substantially easier.

The building is a weird one and definitely will be a unique experience. Card access to both the building, lift and apartment. Unfortunately, does not seem to work with my implant. Definitely, thinking of getting another one.

The address still doesnt seem to exist in all the places it should for internet and other utilities. It is slightly worrying.

This is a short one today but till the next one,


#21 Musings

Have moved back to Pop_OS! (20.10).....

I really love linux, I do.

I love the security, and inherent privacy of Linux.

I love choice, i've lost count how many distros i've tried over the years.

Pop_OS! by System76 just works (at least as much as anything just works in Linux).

Their Nvidia integration works quite well (when you actually use the version with it).

Now since most of my platforms are online, moving to linux is quite as onerous as it was in the past. A good web browser like Vivaldi, and away you go.

I just found a solution to my mouse speed issues rather than having to go into the command line and make changes at boot. The program is called Solaar and it does a surpisingly good job at the basics. I use a Logitech MX Master 2s and unfortunately while Solaar can help with speed issues, it cannot help me with the extra buttons.

I love linux but.....

The only thing that I still cannot replicate is screenshotting. I use ShareX and it is phenomenal. Can literally do anything to do with recording your screen. The feature I use the most is the automatic upload to my personal Nextcloud server and copy the resultant share url to the clipboard. It is a literal lifesaver when it comes to capturing and sharing your screen. Hopefully, I can find a similar solution. Hit me up on Twitter if you know of a solution.

Anyway, I'll stick with Linux for a bit more time to see how it gels. Fingers crossed nothing major breaks my workflow.

Till next time,


#20 Musings

Comparison between Pierece Brosnan's James Bond and Daniel Craigs portrayol.

Having just watched both the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig runs of James Bond, you can really tell the departure from the camp of the Brosnan (and previous) Bonds.

I'm curious whether the relative success of the The Bourne Identity had something to do with the shift to a more gritty, dark Bond franchise. I think after four decades of bright, cartoonish action thrillers the winds changed, especially with how America reacted after the September 11 attacks. The addition of the second Bourne movie in 2004 (The Bourne Supremacy). I think a consideration was also that a single budget of one of the Brosnan movies could have paid for two Bourne movies. I'm not sure who you would consider a bigger star in 2002, Pierce Brosnan or Matt Damon. Probably too subjective to warrant entering into discussions.

It is quite incredible how successfull the Bond franchise has been across six decades with bringing in close to seven billion dollars through 24 films. The 25th set to be released in 2021. I can't imagine No Time to Die won't bring in a metric ton of money, COVID-19 concerns notwithstanding. No Time to Die starring Daniel Craig also seems to have the highest budget at a reported 250 million US dollars. I won't bet against a substantial portion of that was to get Daniel Craig back in the saddle for one more film.

I have enjoyed by the Brosnan films (Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The world is Not Enough, and Die Another day), just as much as the Daniel Craig flims (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre) but for different reasons. The Brosnan films really epitomised the campy nature of franchise, which the Craig films have poked fun at throughout.

Till next time,


#19 Musings

After all the plaudits I gave Unraid for being rock solid and stable, had to do an unclean power down. So just manually pressing the reset button.

It's not the best for the storage array and the way that Unraid stores data and protects against hard drive failure but could not use either the gui dashboard or command to do a shutdown.

I'll have to go through a parity check for the parity drive but I believe a runaway docker container caused Unraid to become unresponsive. Unusual, and I'll have to dig down into potentially what Docker if in indeed it was that. A restart seems to have done the trick, and everything seems to be working nominally now.

The CPU was being hammered by something though, and I am curious whether it might've been Plex. Plex is definitely the most intensive Docker I have running. I also run Jellyfin but the others are mostly low end programs that unless something was going massively wrong wouldn't cause that kind of processer load.

It unfortunately came at a time where my partner and I were just wanting to sit on the coach and watch a movie. Ahh well a single issue in a 110 days is not too bad at all.

Till next time,