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#125 Musings

Completely fucked my pop-os install today.

Got another yubikey and wanted to change it out. Somehow during the process I managed to make sure I could log in but that it would also not recognise the key for sudo access. Ridiculous.

Thankfully, It's quite an easy process to re-install and go again. Certainly quicker than windows I think. Eh I did boot into my windows machine and It does look sharper. Not sure what it is about Pop-OS and Linux in general but definitely looks sharper with windows.

Debating whether I should go back, but I do enjoy Pop-OS. I'll stick with it for a bit longer and see how it goes.

Till next time,


#124 Musings

My Incharge X's arrived as well as my yubikeys.

The [RollingSquare] cables are quite good though they have missed one key feature for me, speed. Their cables unfortunately did not deliver high speed charging.

That has been solved by the Incharge X model (Lava Black). Same price or at least similar with some small tweaks to design and voila you get an awesome small cable in a really convenient package. I'd highly recommmend these cables to anyone.

My nano yubikey also arrived and that will definitely make it a bit safer to have it plugged into my pc. Looking forward to playing with it, to see how it performs agains the Yubikey 5 NFC.

Till next time,


#123 Musings

Caught up with some of the football boys for a pre-season drink. Was good to catch up with them. They are good bunch of guys. Glad my brother could tag along. He hasn't seen them in ages.

The personal site that I built with some html, css and js looks good but the buttons don't work. I thought I definitely checked them before pushing to production but obviously something going wrong in the pipeline. I shall have to investigate. Cannot be bothered right now so it shall have to wait until tomorrow/tonight. Must be something to do with the way i've implemented the button class on the html page.

Till next time,


#122 Musings

Payed for GA all 4250 of it.

Lots of money but hopefully a solid investment in my future.

So far have been impressed with their ethos, technical platform and communication. Fingers crossed they continue to impress.

Completing their prep-work for the course, and it is on the easy side but that's to be expected. It is after all supposed to give newcomers a taste of what front-end web design is about.

Fun nonetheless.

Todoist having major issues with sync on android, lets hope they get it fixed fast. Already has some major issues with streaks and whatnot. Annoying but apparently they are working on a fix.

Till next time,


#121 Musings

Yep it's always good to get confirmation of my sleeping disorder after so long without a "normal" time job. Just takes it out of me, more so than it should for amount of sleep I am getting.

Waking up at 7am is just hard for me, and even when I am up it just doesn't feel right. I feel lethargic, and slow. Very much like jet lag. The "body" wants to be asleep but it's actually awake time.

I think I need to go and get myself officially diagnosed, so that any prospective jobs I may be able to get a time variation for core hours. We shall see.

Till next time,


#120 Musings

Signed with Gymea rather than Loko. The draw of the previous players was too strong add in to that the fact that I know the competition and can be useful in it was also a strong motivator. Just have to tell Dim that, and break the news to the Loko team.

It is unfortunate but alas it is what is best for me. I am not going to compromise on that for anyone (except for my partner of course; if she had a problem with it then we would have discussion etc).

I am excited for GA. I do love a challenge I do love learning, hence my fascination with uni and research in general. Being on that cutting edge was fun.

Looking forward to diving deep in front-end dev and the possibilties that having that skillset can bring.

Till next time,


#119 Musings

God I am sore from my exercise session.

Apparently concentrated on legs and I can feel it.

Definitely muscles that I don't usually use and they are letting me know about it.

I am not doing any sessions today or tomorrow. Hopefully, friday works out.

Started a new casual job today and it was all right. Nothing too strenous though after my session yesterday definitely felt worse than it was.

Not sure about longevity, especially travelling out to Macquerie Uni for 9am. Brutal for my sleeping pattern. Definitely am feeling the flip in sleep time. Almost feels like jet-lag which I think it essentially is.

Got some pre-workshop assignments for GA to complete.

Still waiting to hear back about a discount I might be eligible for. We shall see.

Till next time,


#118 Musings

Registered for General Assembly Front End development course starting March 10th. Should be good to get a bit of structure. The networking will be good also.

Starting my casual job tomorrow. Should be interesting. Maybe I should've started on Wednesday but figured the sooner the better. We shall see if it's worth the effort.

Boss Level for a surprisingly good moving. Quite impressed with a lot of the aspects. Fun, irreverent and bloody. My kind of movie.

Till next time,


#117 Musings

So I am signing up for a General Assembly course for front-end development.

One major reason is the networking aspect of it, and the reputational gain from doing the course as opposed to pure self learning.

It is on the expensive side but at least I have anecdotal evidence from alumni that suggest job hunting is easier with the certificate as opposed to not having one. Add to that the networking side of things well it's a no brainer at least at this stage.

Still debating about football season this year. Looking unlikely that Loko will be a go ahead. Something just doesn't feel right. Not sure what exactly it is but feeling way more comfortable with the gymea team.

I'm still leaning towards going back to refereeing but still unsure as to the the way forward. Oh well whatever decision I reach, it won't be bad.

Linux is still going well. Pop!-OS is still enjoyable. Have not missed Windows really. Other than nearly breaking my entire system, eh it's going well.

Looks like Nativefier is stopping active development, which is a bummer. Also looks like Google has banned support for this type of electron wrapper. So that makes it semi-useless for YoutubeMusic etc.

Eh we shall see how it turns out,


#116 Musings

Love a good haircut.

Have been going to my hairdresser for a good few years now and dam can he cut hair.

It's The Prep Room in Sydney city.

Nice and sharp.

Went to watch Sydney FC play and while it was a draw we definitely deserved to win. Very unlucky to miss out on the 3 points. Oh week onto Tuesday against city.

Finishing the day watching southampton v chelsea on Optus Sport. Fingers crossed danny ings can score.

Till next time,


#115 Musings

I love Notion. I use it for many aspects of my life. Essentially life admin.

The only problem really is that they have some really ugly URLs with no way to make them pretty.

I just came across this site that shows a process whereby you can make notion have nice links. This is done via cloudflare.

It took 10 minutes all up. Check if out here.

You can check out my site here.

Considering its free, it works surprisingly well.

Still debating the best way to make my wiki public. I do like Hugo but dont know about the theme.

Till next time,


#114 Musings

So really broke my pop-os installation.

Somehow deleted my ~/Desktop folder which meant my desktop actually became /home/username. Populating The desktop with all the files.

I actually like to keep my desktop clean and minimal and so absent mindedly deleted all the files. As you can imagine that did not go down well.

Managed to fix it be recovering the home files from a backup but there still remained some issues.

Apparently nothing to do with my fuck up but rather some extensions that I downloaded for gnome-tweaks. Apparently they interfere with pop-shell and cause some overview and search issues. Bizarre.

till next time,


#113 Musings

Wiki is going well.

I am enjoying Hugo. I love markdown and this allows for writing in markdown to add new content.

Set up is... fairly easy. Some minor issues though mostly my own fault.

Using git is straightforward, authenticating via ssh keys.

Now just to create some content.

Feeling much more like myself, a bit more productive. Getting things done.

Still need to deal with the office situation. Just not tenable for it to be like that for the next 1 year.

A couple of movies coming out synchronic with Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan. Looks good, horror genre right up my alley. Hopefully we can get to the movies this weekend.

Till next time,


#112 Musings

I have decided to create a personal wiki hosted at via github and hugo.

The address is

It's a massive work in progress but I thought having a public facing repository of the solutions i've found would be very useful for me. Keeping me in honest in actually getting it down but also making sure that I understand what I am writing as opposed to just copy-pasting it.

It's free and looks quite good, uses markdown which I love. I am tempted to move my personal site to hugo and DigitalOcean apps as well. Save myself close to aud$10 a month. I am already hosting my starwars site there.

I do like ghost but as cms it is bulky compared to hugo. Where I can write a markdown post and push it via git to be deployed instantly. Ghost does use markdown but it's own flavour missing some the more interesting things markdown is capable of.

Considering it was for my phd, and now that is definitely over. A fresh start wouldn't hurt anyone.

till next time,


#111 Musings

One of the bonuses of moving to linux is the way that ssh and server auth works. Makes my life super easy with administering the servers I run.

I am starting up a wiki of sorts. To chronicle some of solutions I have found to the problems I encountered. This will work as both a cv of sorts as I am planning to use the free github pages and git to run it. I like it because it uses jekyll which amongst other things uses markdown (like StandardNotes). Having a few issues surrounding the aesthetic and themes but overall it seems to work well and will be easy to push updates to via git.

If it doesn't work i can always go back to the DigitalOcean apps platform and pure HTML, CSS and JS. Now it will be a bit more work to update but easier up front. Whereas this Jekyll system is more work up front but less work to update. Don't want to waste too much time on Jekyll so I'll give it a bit and move on if it isn't working.

The ability to just create a markdown doc with the relevant details and push it via git to github-pages where it is automatically updated is quite awesome.

Till next time,