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#104 Musings

Productive day. Got up at the unusual time of 04:30 with my partner. Drove her to work and then stayed up. Cleaned, tidied and washed clothes so that she has them ready for work.

Went to the football match Sydney FC v Wellington Phoenix. We won 2-1 so that was a bonus. One of Sydney's strikers who just came back from a ACL knee injury seemed to do it again on the other knee and had to be stretchered off. Never a good sign. Wish him a speedy recovery and hope that it isn't as serious as first thought.

My move to Pop-OS 20.10 has been fairly successful. The only thing that is missing is a sharex alternative so I can automatically upload to my Nextcloud instance and copy the share URL to the clipboard. It is such a massive feature.

I am content with doing it manually though for the time being. Maybe I can see if I can do something to make it a reality for linux? We shall see.

Currently rewatching The Mentalist with Simon Baker and truly it is an awesome show. Really hits all of my spots, with this busy period my partner is going through it's good to have a show that she can fall asleep and not worry about it.

Till next time,


#103 Musings

A real lazy day.

Just relaxed with my partner and ate junk food. Watched some football and caught up on some tv shows.

Death in Paradise and the A-League.

My partner also baked a cake, and some cookies for her work friends birthday.

All in just a nice relaxing day. My partner definitely needed after the stress of her work getting to ridiculous levels due to work colleague incompotence.

Fingers crossed it goes down or at least plateaus a little bit. She definitely needs a break, holiday something.

A real short one today because my sleeping patter is definitely out.

Till next time,

#102 Musings

Have moved due to me fucking up the boot partition, to Pop-OS 20.10. It looks like all the windows files are there. Just have to fix the grub bootloader. Usually the application boot repair would manage it but there seems to be other issues.

So far has been a seamless experience. I think maybe there has been some improvement on the graphics drivers. Certainly feels (in most instances) a bit sharper than before.

Still playing around with it but I love terminal. For example ProtonVPN is run with a command line interface straight in terminal. Just feels cool.

I definitely need to become more comfortable using it, learn a few more of the tricks.

I just need to use it.

One of the underated things is just installing stuff and not having to restart the machine. So easy.

Started football training today. Damn I am sore. Not going to feel good tomorrow.

Till next time,


#101 Musings

After my fuckup with the boot drives on my main machine, I have been setting up Pop-OS again. I do thoroughly enjoy the tinkering and playing around required. It's less of a, sterile, experience than windows.

I've talked about nativefier before but it really is an awesome piece of kit. Moves you out of the browser especially for those web platforms that don't have native linux applications.

There are still some things that don't quite work for me and those are different wallpapers on each of my screens (not important) and a sharex equivalent (i.e. automatical upload to my Nextcloud and copy the resulting share url to the clipboard). That is a killer feature that I haven't been able to replicate on Pop-OS so far.

Some do imgur and so I might just have to stick to that and save to the nextcloud folder? We shall see with some more testing.

Till next time,


#100 Musings

Made it to 100 days.

21,154 words + todays total.

I am quite proud of the achievement. It has felt good writing over the last 3 a bit months. Especially ensuring that I wrote at least 100 words per day.

That's not to say the writing was any good of course.

I did use this as a place to output writing, anything. Sometimes longer pieces sometimes really short "let's get this done" pieces.

Overall, I'd recommend the challange.

Made a mistake with my main PC.

I dual boot windows 10 and Pop-OS. I tried to update Pop-OS from 20.04 to 20.10. There were issues and errors. I restarted and then couldn't boot back into pop-os without major issues. Didn't take a backup but really nothing important is ever saved locally, so it's just installs and configs. So I said hey why not, I'll just re-install Pop-OS and boom problem solved. Unfortunately, by re-installing Pop-OS I borked my ability to boot into my windows install. Annoying to say the least. Again not really because of anything I've saved locally but rather than setup and config.

Oh well, not the first time, and it certainly won't be the last time that I bork up an install because I was impatient.

Till next time,


#99 Musings

Going to try and make some pork and shallot gyoza. Apparently work well from frozen as well.

Fingers crossed they work out.

Man just found out that Vivaldi has a built in Mail, Calendar and Feed clients. That is just awesome.


Is located in the sidebar though I believe you can also view it as a tab. I currently only have one email address attached to it (

This is what it looks like in a full tab format.

I quite like it. It's minimal, efficient and just works within the broader Vivaldi aesthetic.

I use the Newton Mail client for the majority of my other throwaway accounts such as gmail, outlook and what not.

I use ProtonMail for my main accounts due to the security and privacy advantages brought by them.


Again Protonmail provides encrypted at rest storage of my contacts.


This is an interesting one. While the ProtonMail offering is good, it is still missing some features. This might be an interesting way of utilising my gmail calendar in an efficient way.

I shall blame 2020 for missing this big announcement because really it is right up my alley.

In my defence I was in the middle of moving so I did have some other priorities.

Till next time,


#98 Musings

Blood & Treasure is quite a good show. It's fun, easygoing. Has some action, laughs. Doesn't take itself too seriously. Certainly a fun watch to take your mind off of the day.

I flip between browsers. I was using Brave browser but have transitioned back to Vivaldi that I was using before Brave. Both built on top of the chromium engine (the same as Google Chrome).

Vivaldi is super customisable. Developed for and by hardcore users. If you love making something exactly your own I would highly recommend Vivaldi. It also some good privacy features built in.

Brave on the other hand is a unique take on a web browser. They use something called a Basic Attention Token which you can earn by viewing ads or purchasing directly. There were some issues with Brave doing some shady stuff but from a perspective of an easy to use solution Brave is it.


Looks very similar to Chrome and most people would be comfortable using it.


I thoroughly enjoy the sidebar, double layer tabs and really just the power of the browser.

As you can see by the drop down menu, there are lots of options. Lots of power but you can get in the weeds if you are not careful.

If you need any advice or tips (or can give me some). Please hit me up on twitter.

Till next time,


#97 Musings

My sleeping pattern definitely has shifted massively. Bedtime around 7 waking up around 3pm. Going to have to reset, especially if I get that 9-5 job. Going to be brutal.

Was going to try tonight, but I am tired so not sure if pre-sick or just under the weather. We shall see how it pans out over the next couple of days. Felt all right all day until about an hour ago then tired. Which if you know me is extremely unusual.

Started watching a new show with my partner. Resident Alien with Alan Tudyk. Have to say the pilot episode is hilarious definitely going on the rotation. Having said that Tudyk sells it, he just an awesome actor. His mannerisms are just spot on. His timing is awesome as well. Just all round good fun. Definitely a recommended watch for any comedy/sci-fi fans out there, or if you are just a fan of Tudyk. Well worth the investment.

It's another short one.

Till next time,


#96 Musings

Had a flare up just have dinner. Man never feels good. It's been fairly quiet over the last 3 or 4 days. Some stomach issues here or there but overall all right. Tonight not so much.

Might've been the spicy food for dinner, though the pizza last night didn't cause a flare up like tonight. Having said that I did take some medication to help mitigate any issues considering we were entertaining guests.

Hmm interesting, though not suprising.

I ordered a few things from DollarShaveClub AU in mid-december knowing that I wouldn't need it for awhile especially knowing how COVID/christmas will have fucked the postal system. Unfortunately, while they have charged me the order is not even processing on their website. So after four weeks I sent them an email. A week later I get an automated reply, saying sorry. Another week and another automated reply. I have sent another email requesting information. If they don't get in contact I shall be requesting a refund from credit card company.

I checked on Twitter and it seems like they are having major issues with hardly a specific response other than automated ones.

I would much prefer honesty if they are having problems with their supply chain but unles they actually get in contact, they'll leave me with little recourse.

Till next time,


#95 Musings

Again, going to be a terribel FPL week for me. Not much I can do unfortunately. Lots of injuries and rotation. Just killing my chances of average scoring games. I'm not even hoping for high ones, just average ones. Fingers crossed some of the team can pull some magic out of the hat.

Sheffield United away at Man City. Going to be a tough game. The fact they've kept it at 1:0 at half time is a credit to their grit and determination. Can't ask for more really.

Super impressed with espanso so far. Slick, super quick, and extensible. Looking forward to building out my matches to help boost my productivity.

A short one this time.

Till next time,


#94 Musings

Man the latest episode of WandaVision was very good. It answers some real questions that you would've had. Introduces a whole lot more.

Getting excited to see where Marvel and Disney take this story.

Whatever Nextcloud has done in the more recent 20 releases has made updating a much better experience. Before it was really a toss up whether it would actually work or not. Now it seems to go through quickly and easily. We shall see how it does in future iterations.

Having said that 20.06 does seem to have some perfomance issues. I wonder whether that's my underlying server hardware struggling or whether it's something to do with the Nextcloud Databases.

Eh will have to do more testing to see what is going on.

Just came across another text expansion application that works locally rather than from a server (like TextExpander). The app is called Espanso and one of the bonuses on top of privacy is the fact that it is multiplatform. I am super impressed so far. I will have to play with it over the next little while to see how it compares but am happy so far.

The major bonus really is the privacy aspect of it.

Till next time,


#93 Musings

Was served an app called NervaIBS which is a hypnotherapy program to help with IBS symptoms. There is a 7 day trial but it does cost aud$99 for 3 months.

It's approximately 15 minutes per day, with the program lasting for 6 weeks. The rest of the time is a so called maintenance mode to help embed the teachings/learnings. Read the inital paper (the author also runs the app), the outcome unsurprisingly showed that hypnotherapy had better results than a low FODMAP diet, the current gold standard. Considering i've tried the low FODMAP diet as well as other medical treatments and they don't necessary work, there isn't a harm in trying hypnotherapy.

Now, personally speaking I am not the biggest fan of hypnotherapy but for the price and the time outlay required I think it's fairly easy choice.

Well Fernandes drawing a blank, knew I should've gone with Gundogan. Oh well it happens. Finges crossed Salah, Son and Kane can give me the points. It'll definitely be a low scoring gameweek for me.

A show I found called Blood & Treasure seems like a fun show. Watched the double first episode and I think I'll add it to the rotation.

Till next time,


#92 Musings

Of course I don't pick Gundogan in my Fantasy Premier League team and he goes on to score 2 goals. Lets hope Ferndandes does something similar as he is my captain.

Got my lights back up and running, most of them anyway. Fingers crossed they stay connected with a bit more consistency.

I am getting into The Hardy Boys, it does feel very much like the novels so on that front well done. Still confused about the casting of that actor for Frank Hardy. It's even stranger considering the actress playing his aunt is only 7 years older than the actor in real life, but I am assuming double the age or close it in TV show universe. Strange choices all round.

A short one today.

Till next time,


#91 Musings

Had a terrible Double Gameweek 19 with my Fantasy Premier League team.

Only made 56 points over the massive amount of games. A bit disappointing but hopefully my changes for gameweek 20 can get me some more points to keep me on top of the table.

Was some ridiculously stupid temperatures over the last 3 or 4 days. Hitting 40 c at my place. Ridiculous All round.

It's looking likely that I either won't be playing and possibly refereeing and/or playing with a friend's team. Not sure what I should do. My fitness is terrible at the moment and so refereeing might not be the best idea. It would force me to do some work in that arena though which can't be bad. To be honest I'd still need to do the work if I was just playing. The way I am currently just isn't sustainable I don't think from a playing perspective. We shall see, I have a bit of time out exactly what I want to do.

I would miss playing for sure, but I miss refereeing a lot as well. I am quite good at it, and would like to go back to have a go.

Maybe both is the way to go?

Till next time,


#90 Musings

Tidied up my server area. Cables, tagging etc. Looks much neater now.

Still trying to figure out what the best way for me to create a 4G failover system would be.

I do wish my Synology had've worked because that solution was quite easy. I would obviously have to slow down on consuming content if my main connection was down for any length of time.

Maybe I'll just work on that, bonus that is free and could set it up quickly depending on the situation.

Just re-watched the Escape from.. movies starring Kurt Russel.

Escape from New York (1981) was a blast. Obviously dated effects but regardless a fun watch.

Escape from LA (1996) was more of a satirical look at movies, agents and religion? John Carpenter certainly went for it.

My sleep is a bit off, and my stomach certainly was today. Not sure exactly what the inciting event was but am paying for it. I have been hitting the V Energy Drink quite hard recently. Possibly that. Maybe i'll taper off my use to "reset" my gut.

Some of my plants are dieing and not sure why. One identical plant is doing fabulously and the other is dieing. I have moved it so hopefully it was the location in the apartment that was doing the damage.

Till next time,